Pamuchakta Restaurant: Tasteful Ambiente

PaMuchakata Restaurant

A Symbol of Food and Life

The dense foliage of the Muchakata tree embodies the ancestors’ protection over those still living, the fruit is a popular delicacy and the tree itself is a coveted spot under which to hold rituals for it is considered a direct link to the spiritual world.

Musangano Lodge wants to contribute to this notion by serving you freshly prepared food that nourishes both body and soul.
Our menu is a fusion of the best of Southern African and Central European cuisine, with the option of dining under the stars or within the ethnically-themed restaurant. To complement the scrumptious à la carte menu, which offers more popular dishes, our PaMuchakata Restaurant launches specials on a rotational basis. These ensure a variety of more unusual meals and offer the best of what is fresh.
On weekends and for special occasions we offer a luscious braai/barbecue with buffet service. Choose from a wide range of homemade starters, fresh salads, savoury meats and delicious desserts.
Furthermore, we have introduced a vibrant local cuisine – everything is sourced locally to celebrate traditionally prepared meals. The typical Zimbabwean diet includes a variety of protein sources from chicken, fish, beef and goat meat to the famous mopane worms. No meal is complete without the staple food sadza, a cooked porridge made from maize or millet and accompanied by tomato relish or peanut butter and green leaf vegetables.  

We look forward to hosting you!

Our cozy dining room
Our charming split-level dining room seats 32 people with a decor that creates an intimate and homely atmosphere.
Pamuchakta Restaurant: Dining room
Pamuchakta Restaurant:  tasty dish
Enjoy our delicious food
Our commitment to an exquisite culinary experience means all our meals are freshly prepared. We utilize fresh produce, make our sauces from scratch and grow many vegetables and herbs in our garden on an organic basis.
Serene and airy - our garden restaurant
Listen to the birdsong and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees while enjoying a delicious freshly PaMuchakata meal.
Pamuchakta Restaurant: open air area
Pamuchakta Restaurant: initmate atmosphere
The perfect place for an intimate dinner
Treat yourself and your loved one to our delicious three course table d'hôte dinner, the perfect way to end a relaxing day during your stay with us.
A scrumptious braai
Musangano is renowned for its delectable and varied braais, with the enticing selection of delicious dishes guaranteed to send you up a second helping.
Pamuchakta Restaurant: scrumptious braai
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Breakfast Menu
À la carte Menu
Traditonal Dishes

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF file to view it: Download PDF

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF file to view it: Download PDF

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF file to view it: Download PDF

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